The UK government imposed a new sanction package on Friday targeting the “illicit arms-for-oil transfers between Russia and North Korea.”
Three companies and one individual found “enabling” this arms-for-oil trade have been subject to the sanction package. They are the North Korean company Paekyangsan Shipping Co. Ltd, the Russian companies Vostochnaya Stevedoring Co. LLC and

US Department of Treasury sanctioned on Thursday two Russian individuals and three Russian companies over the transfer of weapons between Russia and North Korea, including ballistic missiles for use in Ukraine. Rafael Anatolyevich Gazaryan and Aleksey Budnev are the individuals sanctioned, whereas the companies sanctioned by the department are Trans Kapital Limited Liability Company, the

The Supreme Court of Korea dismissed an appeal on Thursday filed by doctors and medical professionals aiming to stop the South Korean government’s plan to increase the medical school admissions by up to 2,000 students next year, according to reports from local media. This initiative responds to the need to increase the number of medical

The US Department of Justice unsealed conspiracy charges Thursday against individuals accused of assisting North Korean (DPRK) nationals in fraudulently posing as US residents to obtain information technology (IT) jobs with US companies, allegedly generating millions of dollars in income that was then funneled back to the DPRK.
In a press release the government called

The Flemish Community’s ban on wearing any visible symbols during the educational activities does not run counter to freedom of religion, the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) ruled Thursday. It followed the decision given by the Constitutional Court in Belgium assessing based on the c0ncept of neutrality.
In the case of Mikyas and Others

In an unprecedented move, striking lawyers across Tunisia rallied in front of court buildings in Tunis on Thursday, effectively bringing all court proceedings to a halt. This unified action comes in response to what legal professionals are describing as a dangerous escalation by the government targeting their community.
The spark for this widespread protest was

The alleged gunman implicated in the recent attack on Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico has been formally charged with attempted premeditated murder, high-ranking officials said during a press conference on Thursday, during which they also described the attack as politically motivated.
Interior Minister Matus Sutaj Estok described the attacker as a “lone wolf” and said