Amnesty International on Friday raised alarm regarding a wave of legal initiatives across the Americas that threaten to curtail the activities of civil society organizations. These measures, currently under consideration in Paraguay, Peru and Venezuela, pose severe risks to the promotion and defense of human rights in the region.
Peru’s congress is rapidly advancing legislation

China introduced on Friday the death penalty for “particularly serious” cases involving supporters of Taiwanese independence. The new judicial guidelines outline severe punishments for activities deemed as fragmenting the country or inciting secession.
The new standards, titled “Opinions on Punishing the Crimes of Splitting the Country and Inciting Splitting the Country by ‘Taiwan Independence’ Diehards,”

A report by Rainbow Refugees NI and Law Centre NI published on Friday revealed that LGBTQ+ asylum seekers in Northern Ireland experience serious homophobic abuse in their asylum accommodation. The report, titled “We are getting hurt,” shows that 78 percent of the study’s participants experienced “homophobic abuse or violence in or around their asylum accommodation.”