What is the Archive?
It is a centralized database of all credible legal blog posts from around the world, including authors and metadata, that is accessible via the web, RSS and an API.

How do I become a part of the Archive?
You can become a part of the Archive by submitting your legal blog here.

What are the submission standards/guidelines?

The guidelines used to approve submissions can be found at openlegalblogarchive.org/submit.

Is there a membership cost?

No, there is no membership cost to submit your blogs to the Archive.

What is RSS?

RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication and it is a protocol that provides a standard method for websites to publish content that anyone can see by displaying them in a program or website called an RSS reader. An RSS feed is created by a website publisher and contains a running list of articles or other content published by the site, with the newest entry always at the top of the list. Each entry contains details like the article’s title, description, and link to the content.

What are the Archive’s RSS standards?

RSS Standards can be found at support.lexblog.com/hc/en-us/articles/360041599631-LexBlog-RSS-Standards.

What legal blogs are accepted?

Legal blogs must have authentic authorship, titles, and dates. Legal blogs must be related to the legal profession/industry and cannot include advertising. We are seeking legal blogs that offer legal news, insight, and analysis.

Do I need to submit each individual legal blog post?

No, you only need to submit your legal blog. The Archive utilizes your RSS feed to automatically pull new posts. 

Where can I find the Terms of Service?

Contributors to OLBA must agree to the OLBA Terms of Service, which can be viewed here openlegalblogarchive.org/terms-of-service/.

What is displayed in the Archive?

Your blog name, link to your website, organization name, authors, blog titles/posts are displayed on the Archive.

How are authors and organizations attributed to the posts?

Authors and organizations are pulled from the RSS feed. You can click on an author’s or organization’s name to view their other posts.

Where are the legal blogs being stored?


Is the content I submit indexed in Google?


Who manages the Archive?

The Archive is managed by library services professionals supported by LexBlog, Inc.

Is OLBA a non-profit organization? 


Can I restrict access to my legal blog(s)?


What if I don’t want my entire legal blog synced?

The Archive utilizes RSS feeds to pull content from your site. This process is done automatically. We are unable to sync only specific parts of your legal blog.

Can I remove author profiles from the legal blog(s) after I submit? 

No. Eliminating or altering the author of law blog posts flies in the face of the ABA’s preamble. Changing the author of the commentary in the law, in effect, changes the legal commentary altogether. Read more…

Who do I contact if I notice an error?

If you notice an error, please contact our Digital Archive Intern at alexandra@lexblog.com.