What is the Archive?

It is a centralized database of all credible legal blog posts, worldwide, authors and metadata, that is accessible via the web, RSS and an API.

Why the public needs the Archive?

  • Research purposes
  • Greater visibility for blogs, blogging professionals and the organization publishers
  • Syndication of blog content to a growing network of organizations including bar associations, continuing education organizations and legal research and AI platforms

Why archive legal blogs?

More legal insight and legal commentary – secondary law – is published in legal blogs today than in law reviews and law journals.

However, this writing is not being preserved, nor is it in the proper context for search and citation.

Why open?

Unlike legal content maintained behind paywalls by traditional legal publishers, the Archive’s content and accompanying metadata needs to be open to search and syndication for effective use and citation of this law.

Who's being archived?

Legal professionals, worldwide. We live in an increasingly global world where digital information, especially on niches, and no matter where published, should be accessible from anywhere.

Who are the users of the Archive?

Legal professionals and the public accessing the Archive directly or via its syndication partners, including law schools, legal research and AI platforms, bar associations, continuing legal education organizations and others.

How many blogs and authors are in the Archive?

There are currently 3,206 legal blogs and 44,536 blog authors in the Archive.

Partners syndicating the Archive for the public and legal professionals

You are invited to submit your legal blog(s) to world’s largest legal archive of legal blogs.

The archive includes blogs from solo practitioners to boutique firms to the largest law firms in the world.

The Archive Project is working to broaden access to legal information that makes real, positive changes in people’s lives and to shine a light on legal professionals sharing legal insight and commentary.

As the recognized leader in legal blogging around the world since 2004, LexBlog is backing the Archive Project.

This invitation is your opportunity to add your blog(s) to this growing body of legal publishing – at no cost, and with no strings attached.