The Benefits of Inclusion in the Open Legal Blog Archive (OLBA)

  • Inclusion in a world-wide body of legal insight and commentary.
  • Profiles of blog authors, blogs, law firms, and other organizations.
  • Syndication to, a worldwide network of over 30,000 bloggers from nine countries.
  • Syndication to credible publishers, including law schools, bar associations, and CLE organizations.
  • Syndication to legal research platforms and AI platforms for annotation of primary law.
  • You always own your content. Your content will not be indexed on Google by the OLBA.

OLBA Submission Guidelines

  • Blogs must have authentic authorship.
  • Blogs must include a date on their posts.
  • Blogs must have a title.
  • Legal profession/industry related submissions only.
  • Submissions cannot include advertising.
  • OLBA is seeking blogs offering legal news, insight, and analysis.
  • OLBA may decline to archive and syndicate any blog or blog post.
  • OLBA may remove a blog or blog post after it has been submitted.
  • Submitting your blog(s) to the OLBA does not constitute an agreement on behalf of OLBA to archive or syndicate your blog(s).
  • If your submission is accepted, OLBA may archive and syndicate your blog(s) as appropriate.
  • Submitter acknowledges that the views presented in blog posts are the submitter’s and author’s alone, not those of OLBA or syndicatees.

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