Homeowner Is Found to be a Beneficiary of Forced Placed Insurance
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Keith Rath was unhappy with Arch Insurance Company over coverage for damage from the Derecho (windstorm) that hit Cedar Rapids in 2020. Rath’s bank holding a security interest in his home contracted

A source of recovery for someone damaged by a contractor’s work may be the contractor’s license bond, especially when a contractor is missing, unlicensed or insolvent.  California contractors are required to have a $25,000 bond issued by a licensed surety to maintain their contractor’s license. License bond sureties typically underwrite the bonds in exchange for

Third Circuit Compels Arbitration of IFPA Qui Tam Claims
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In The Insurance Fraud Prevention Act (IFPA) allows insurers to sue health care providers pursuing insurers with assignments of benefits from personal injury protection (PIP) claims (no fault insurance) on behalf of the state.

In State Farm Mutual Auto Ins. Co. v. Frank, 2024 WL 1202982 (Ariz.App. March 21, 2024), the Arizona Court of Appeals confirmed the District Court of Arizona’s recent interpretation of the statute of limitations for UM/UIM claims, ARS § 12-555, and rejected two novel insured arguments.The Takeaways

  • An insurer does not toll an insured’s three-year statute of limitations in § ARS 12-555(C)(2) to request

Matthew Ferrie, Partner, is back again to host the newest episode of the Subro Sessions podcast. Bert Davis, Principal for Romauldi, Davidson, & Associates and BDA Engineering, joins Matt for the second episode on investigating residential electrical fires entitled, “Investigating Residential Electrical Fires Part II – Arcing and Arc Mapping.” Bert and Matt dive into

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