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Almost exactly four years ago, the main article in my newsletter was entitled “What Now?” I was unsurprised by the results of the 2016 election, discouraged by what I perceived as a step backward in civil discourse, and hopeful about the opportunity that it presented.​I concluded with this sentiment: #element-465df339-fee2-4872-9a59-6ae8862bc95d .colored-box-content { clear: both; float: left;

Almost two months into quarantines, stay-home orders, business shutdowns, and remote work, many of us have adjusted – with varying levels of discomfort and anxiety – to a “new normal”.A Constant State of AnxietyA recent Forbes article provides some insight into our current psychological reality: “Psychologically, we can attribute this discomfort to anxiety. However, it’s

I have had several readers ask me to keep posting updates about my van. The build is coming along very slowly, but I thought I would share some pictures, including both successes and failures to date.

I led a tutorial/discussion on the use of Zoom for my colleagues at the ADR Roundtable last Wednesday. In the interest of making the information widely available, I included a link to my PowerPoint slide deck – which includes links to Zoom Help Center articles, as well as links to various ODR organizations and other resources