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Recently a client of mine forwarded an email it received from a Twitter user which read in part “I have been told that your company uses the ___________ name in its ordinary course of business.  I happen to own the _____ name and would be willing to sell this name to you at a mutually

Once again, businesses handling the personal information of a Massachusetts resident have been granted an extension to comply with the Massachusetts Data Security Regulations.  The proposed new deadline for compliance is March 1, 2010. Personal information is defined as first name (or initial) and last name, combined with social security number, bank account number, credit

Often, museums are fortunate enough to acquire a piece of artwork or a full collection at a wonderfully low price. Sometimes equally as wonderful, the artwork or collection may suddenly experience a dramatic rise in value, especially in a volatile market environment. Such a confluence of good luck can be extremely beneficial for a museum.

Brandeis University’s decision to “boost endowment” by closing the Rose Art Museum has been met with shock and dismay.  According to the Wall Street Journal, Tony Pals of the National Association of Independent Colleges and Universities called the move “the most severe cost-cutting step” a university has taken since the economic downturn.  Who could disagree

A recent article in the Wall Street Journal’s Leisure & Arts section (January 13, 2009) highlighted a novel approach to museum marketing and cultural branding.  Italy has called upon the corporate world in an attempt to boost the visibility, value and customer satisfaction of visitors to Italy’s 464 nationally owned museums.  Mario Resca, a corporate

Massachusetts recently responded to an outcry from the business community in regard to the new privacy regulatiosn promulgated by the office of consumer affairs.  An earlier blog entry summarized the new requierements.  Here are the new deadlines:
Deadline Extension
The Office of Consumer Affairs and Business Regulation (OCABR) has extended its January 1, 2009 deadline for

With little fanfare, or more importantly little notice, the Massachusetts issued a set of privacy regulations which will affect virtually any business dealing with the personal information of Massachusetts residents.  Regulations found at 201 CMR 17.00 of the Massachusetts code of regulations impose a strict set of requirements that must be

The Wall Street Journal has an interesting article today highlighting the opening of the Museum of Islamic Art, which is scheduled for next week.  According to the article, the museum, which is situated on an artificial island in the Persian Gulf is aiming to establish itself as the “Met of the Middle East”.  The I.M.

According to KMBC news in Kansas City, a museum in southeast Kansas has been sued by a California production company as a result of the Museum’s name – Little House on the Prairie Museum.  The Museum is a non-profit that takes in about $90,000.00 annually – enough to cover salary and expenses.  The New York firm representing