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In college, I worked as a prep cook at a restaurant. The chef had French training and emphasized the importance of “mise-en-place”—a French term for “everything in its place.”Mise-en-place is a system chefs use to prepare themselves and their kitchens in the hours leading up to meal time. The “Meez,” as professionals refer to it,

Generosity of Ideas Is Its Own Reward…AlmostOne of my most successful posts on LinkedIn was something I never even posted.Guess I’d better explain…We’ve been talking a lot lately about the mark of a true thought leader is a willingness to openly and freely share one’s best ideas—without the expectation of reciprocation or reward. That’s tough to

Most of us started out the year … the month … the week, with great intentions to focus on our goals and stick to the habits we know boost lawyer productivity. And then we got smacked in the face by the unceasing demands and stressors that pummel modern-day professionals
Good intentions succumbed to urgency.