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Written by Vasco Guedes Ferreira.

In an important election year for the European Parliament, the Panel for the Future of Science and Technology (STOA) demonstrated its commitment to embracing and disseminating the most recent social science on democratic participation with the 21st STOA Annual Lecture under the theme ‘Making Democracy Work for Everyone’.

Christian Ehler (EPP,

Written by Naja Bentzen with Kate Dwyer (European Parliament Liaison Office, Washington DC) and Eric Pichon.

Conflict, food insecurity and climate shocks, among other crises, have destabilised African countries in recent years and curbed economic activity. Nevertheless, sub-Saharan Africa is seen as an emerging geopolitical force; and the European Union (EU) and the United States

Written by Marketa Pape.

Access to housing in the EU has become problematic in recent years. Demography and urbanisation-related structural factors, aggravated by the COVID-19 pandemic, the conflict in Ukraine, soaring energy prices, the cost-of-living crisis and (already high) housing prices that keep rising are preventing many people from accessing decent housing solutions. The lack

Written by Anna Caprile and Eric Pichon.

This series of maps illustrates Russia’s expanding diplomatic, economic and military engagement across the African continent. It also provides a visual representation of the deployment of hybrid tools, such as information manipulation campaigns, and the multi‑faceted presence of the paramilitary company Wagner, both of which are integral parts

Written by Ralf Drachenberg.

‘This is Europe’ – an initiative proposed by the President of the European Parliament, Roberta Metsola – consists of a series of debates with EU leaders to discuss their visions for the future of the European Union. EU unity was a central theme in the address of the President of Romania, Klaus

Written by Karoline Kowald and Marianna Pari, with Roberto Gallo.

For the first time ever, the European Parliament and the Council have agreed to revise the ceilings of the EU’s multiannual financial framework. The agreement affects the remaining years of the current financial period: 2024 to 2027. The European Parliament had demanded a revision to

Written by Monika Dulian.

The Energy Community is an international organisation facilitating energy cooperation; it brings together the EU and neighbouring countries. Established by the Treaty establishing the Energy Community, signed in 2005 in Athens, Greece, it has been in force since 2006. The treaty’s validity has been extended twice, most recently until 2036. The