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On 10 November 2023, the Government introduced a new regulation amending the regional minimum wage framework.  This is anticipated to increase regional minimum wages that will apply from 2024. The below update looks at these changes and what it means for employers.
In Indonesia, minimum wages are set at the regional level (ie at

Malaysia recently introduced the Anti-Sexual Harassment Act 2022 (ASHA) which, once fully implemented, will provide an avenue for an individual to bring a sexual harassment claim against another individual before a specially constituted tribunal. While the tribunal has yet to be set up, several provisions of the ASHA have taken effect since March 2023.

From our recent Future of Work Report 2023: Balancing Acts, we can see that the commercial landscape continues to evolve rapidly, and employers may find themselves confronted with changes ranging from technological advancements in AI to organisational restructuring. In these circumstances, employers may need to amend existing employees’ employment contracts to effectively manage their