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You may have heard of an event called a “Botox party”. The basic concept is that a group of people get together and “share” a vial of Botox to address signs of age which may appear on a person’s face. These “events” are paid for individually and do not in any way utilize taxpayer dollars.

Just when you think fraudsters can’t reach a new low, you read about Michael Mann, the owner of Seattle-based Wheelchairs Plus. Mr. Mann has been ordered to pay $2.7 million for fraudulently billing the Medicaid program for 119 new wheelchairs. Unfortunately, what Mann delivered were actually used wheelchairs purchased from

A couple of months ago, the Department of Justice announced a settlement with VMware, Inc. and Carahsoft Technology. The two companies specialize in providing virtualization software and information technology products to federal, state and local governments. The allegation against these two entities was that they did not provide their “best price” to the United States

The federal government provides many programs to aid socially or economically disadvantaged individuals or groups in obtaining business opportunities or projects. Some of those are well known and others are somewhat more obscure.

The Department of Justice recently announced a settlement with HD Supply Waterworks (Waterworks), the nation’s largest supplier of water, sewer, fire protection

The Department of Justice announced a settlement with nearly 500 hospitals related to the implantation of cardioverter defibrillators (ICD’s). The surgeries did not meet the appropriate medical conditions for Medicare coverage established in the National Coverage Determination (NCD). Medicare will generally exclude coverage for ICD procedures when a bypass or angioplasty has been performed within