You may have heard of an event called a “Botox party”. The basic concept is that a group of people get together and “share” a vial of Botox to address signs of age which may appear on a person’s face. These “events” are paid for individually and do not in any way utilize taxpayer dollars.

Dr. Raymond Brown of Cleveland, Tennessee has now reinvented the “Botox party”. Unfortunately for him, the party will now result in 20 months in prison and the forfeiture of $6 million as reimbursement for fake billing.

Dr. Brown set a record for billing Medicare for the most Botox injections. The doctor billed Medicare for 17,000 vials of Botox in one year. The math didn’t work for a number of reasons. Reason one: Cleveland, Tennessee has about 41,000 residents. The doctor would have had to inject one out of three residents of the entire city to get to this number. Reason two: the doctor would have to see one patient every 15 minutes, 10 hours per day for six days a week and he still would not have used the entirety of the 17,000 vials billed to Medicare. Reason three: when the search warrant was executed, the inspectors determined that the doctor had in fact only purchased 254 vials of Botox.