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This idea of integration must be seen in the broader context of disruptive innovation throughout history in other industries.

When a genuinely disruptive technology is brought into the marketplace, that technology usually doesn’t disrupt entire industries until one important step has taken place. That step is integration.

The new disruptive technology needs to integrate into

“That has been an increasing theme over the past number of years. These amendments are giving the government a broader set of powers to even further increase its ability to review investments on national security grounds.”

The amendments indicate that Ottawa’s main national security concerns revolve around investments by foreign state-owned enterprises, he says. This

Lax O’Sullivan Lisus Gottlieb LLP

LOLG has welcomed Danielle Glatt to the partnership. Glatt practises commercial litigation and public law. Her commercial litigation practice focuses on shareholder disputes, securities matters, civil fraud, defamation, class actions, and insolvency. She has appeared as amicus at the Divisional Court and the Ontario Court of Appeal and has repeatedly

The Superior Court noted that the transactions for the two properties, one in Waterloo and another in Kitchener and the restaurant purchase were interconnected. This connection involved multiple defendants and revealed that Waran Nathans had dual roles.

Throughout the trial, the court examined various accounts and documents, revealing discrepancies and conflicting narratives about the transactions’

However, by 2023, the relationship had shifted to Coinbase Canada Inc., aligning with regulatory changes and a strategic restructuring within Coinbase to localize operations in Canada. This transition prompted the plaintiff to file a claim asserting that the cryptocurrency sold on the Coinbase platform constituted securities. He claimed these were issued without adhering to necessary