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The Ontario Superior Court of Justice noted that class members will likely receive between $50 to $150 after counsel’s legal fees and disbursements. The court said this was over and above the compensation already provided by the defendants, including free credit monitoring, identity theft insurance, and their ongoing dark web monitoring at $5.6 million.


Khalill eventually raised the idea of a marriage contract due to her frustration with Khalill’s conduct and her desire to protect her assets if the relationship broke down. Khalill approached a lawyer, who prepared a draft marriage contract for her. 

The parties later agreed to meet at another lawyer’s office to sign the marriage contract.

In response to the open letter, LSO bencher Jonathan Rosenthal sent one to Lincoln Alexander’s dean, Donna Young and TMU president Mohamed Lachemi. In Rosenthal’s letter, which was signed by 22 other lawyers, including four benchers, he said the TMU open letter was a “hate-filled incitement to violence against Israel and the Jewish people”