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Sam Altman was on stage at Dreamforce 2023 when he was asked to name his favorite movie about artificial intelligence. It was a deceptively good question. As the cofounder and CEO of OpenAI, Altman was uniquely well-positioned to dictate the path that AI would take in the future, so knowing which fictional version of AI

Mental health professionals typically have a duty to maintain doctor-patient confidentiality with their clients under HIPAA. This confidentiality covers “privileged communications,” which are discussions between two individuals that involve confidential information. State laws generally recognize a doctor-patient privilege, and this extends to psychotherapists as well. Therefore, in most cases, what you talk about in

A Mexican entrepreneur who found success in the restaurant business faced a surprising hurdle when opening his second taco joint in Fort Wayne, Indiana. The crux of the issue? Zoning restrictions and the legal definition of a “sandwich” — specifically whether tacos and burritos qualify. The restauranteur battled the city’s commission and a local homeowners

A Ukrainian man, who uses the pseudonym “Mr. M” to protect his identity, has filed a complaint against the Russians who allegedly tortured him and another person who facilitated the international war crime. Although Ukrainian authorities have opened investigations and prosecutions of Russian war criminals since the 2022 invasion, this case is garnering attention because