I read a lot of words. It’s a big part of my job, always has been. And so it takes a lot to make me sick of a word. But “craft” as a verb – Oregon media types, enough already! Especially when referring to a politician or her staff drafting proposed legislation. We’re all

What is a Trademark?
A trademark can be any mark representing words, phrases, symbols, designs, or a combination of these that identifies your goods or services. In practice, the most common trademarks are business names and logos. Trademarks accomplish several objectives. They (1) identify the source of your goods or services; (2) provide additional legal

Homeowner Is Found to be a Beneficiary of Forced Placed Insurance
See the full video at https://rumble.com/v4pzy46-unclear-language-in-policy-interpreted-in-favor-of-property-owner.html  and at https://youtu.be/1N3KeQW1ZhQ
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Keith Rath was unhappy with Arch Insurance Company over coverage for damage from the Derecho (windstorm) that hit Cedar Rapids in 2020. Rath’s bank holding a security interest in his home contracted

The primaries are almost here – they end four and a half weeks from now. I just stumbled across a sample local ballot for Multnomah County, here. The county voter’s pamphlet is already here. (Sorry, no Klingon translation this year.) And things are heating up.The combatants for the Multnomah County district attorney seat

Third Circuit Compels Arbitration of IFPA Qui Tam Claims
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See the full video at https://rumble.com/v4psoxu-man-bites-dog-and-dog-bites-back.html  and at https://youtu.be/Lx6_lFigogk
In The Insurance Fraud Prevention Act (IFPA) allows insurers to sue health care providers pursuing insurers with assignments of benefits from personal injury protection (PIP) claims (no fault insurance) on behalf of the state.

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