By Suraj A. Vyas | 1 min read

I love tech press conferences. That’s why I enjoy having a new, big thing to talk about every year with our annual birthday blog post. Over the last year, we’ve joined forces with Legal Resources so that we can provide legal services to even more prospective clients. We’ve been fortunate enough to help inviduals and businesses with patent law, contract law, and immigration law issues over this last year and we can’t wait to welcome even more of their members to The Law Offices of Suraj A. Vyas, LLC.

We’re also experimenting quite a bit with flat fees. We know prospective clients hate the idea of not knowing how much their legal fees will be by the end of everything. By adapting to these clients, we help ourselves by generating income we may not otherwise receive and we help our clients by putting their mind at ease since they’ll know exactly how much their legal service will cost by the end of everything. We even offer flat fees for general counsel work! A relatively small amount each month has us at the ready for your business. Book a consultation today!