Beefing up cybersecurity controls could seem intimidating
and costly, but it doesn’t have to be.  Although
the appropriate cybersecurity controls vary depending on a number of factors
including the amount and type of data being handled and how the data is stored,
there are best practices every organization should implement.  In honor of National
Cybersecurity Awareness Month
(NCSAM), we’re going to share our top practical
tips for securing your data.  Whether you’re
a mom-and-pop store or a retail chain, these “common sense” practices are fundamental
to cybersecurity program of all sizes. 
The tips cover issues we see come up again and again in our practice of advising
businesses on compliance
with data privacy laws
.  Addressing
these issues up front goes a long way toward enhancing cybersecurity, but ignoring
them makes compliance more difficult.    

Each day this week, we’ll share a tip that will help you
keep unauthorized eyes and hands off your data. 
In the meantime, check out these cybersecurity resources for small

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