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The Coronial Law Lecture Series 2023 
University of Bolton
This course prepares participants for work connected to or within the coronial service – it covers theoretical and practical knowledge of how the law is applied, including traning in the process of coronial law and its practical application to individual scenarios. Delivered by experienced practitioners, the

University of Bolton Centre for Coronial Law  are looking to recruit professionals from the coronial system and related fields and/or industries to grow their bank of ‘Variable Hours Tutors’ across all fields relating to the investigation of deaths and Coroners’ inquests including both legal and medical areas.

More information is here and for further information

The inquests into the deaths of the eleven bystanders and road users who were killed in the Shoreham Airshow Aircrash in 2015 have now concluded.
These inquests were resumed in 2019 following the pilot’s acquittal of criminal charges of gross negligence manslaughter.  Bridget Dolan KC was then appointed as Counsel to the Inquests and has

Davison v HM Senior Coroner for Hertfordshire [2022] EWHC 2343 (Admin) 15 September 2022 (judgment here)
Megan Davison (‘Megan’) suffered with ‘diabulimia’, a media-coined term that refers to an eating disorder in a person with type 1 diabetes, where the person purposefully restricts insulin in order to lose weight. When Megan sadly took her own