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The Grass is Always Greenberg alters its format for a special two-part series covering the 2022 Cannalaw Summit: Weighing the Risks and Rewards of Celebrity Branding in the Cannabis Industry. Greenberg Glusker’s Priya Sopori and Alexa Steinberg were featured speakers at the event, attended by over 100 cannabis industry specialists. Part 1 excerpts their discussion

California has finally enacted a law, AB195, that provides tax relief for cannabis distributers.  But what might seem at first glance to be a win for the cannabis industry potentially complicates things for retailers and consumers.  On this edition of The Grass is Always Greenberg, Greenberg Glusker attorneys Priya Sopori, Michelle Mabugat, Alexa Steinberg and

The Grass is Always Greenberg welcomes Greenberg Glusker Environmental Law Partner, Sedina Banks, to discuss changes to California’s Proposition 65, officially known as the Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act of 1986. Sedina shares her views with colleagues Priya Sopori, Michelle Mabugat, Alexa Steinberg and Steven Stein on how changes to Proposition 65 are

Cannabis remains illegal federally and in many states.  The states that have legalized cannabis have a confusing patchwork of rules and regulations.  As such, crossing state lines can create major problems in the cannabis space.  California Senate Bill No. 1326 proposes to help address this issue by allowing licensed cannabis companies in California to engage

In this edition of “The Grass is Always Greenberg,” Greenberg Glusker’s Alexa Steinberg and Steve Stein discuss the latest trends in cannabis litigation and how cannabis cases often have special considerations. Steve also shares what he learned at the Cannabis Industry Civil Litigation and ADR conference put on by ADR Services and the International Cannabis

This article was originally published on L.A. Cannabis News Newcomers to California’s booming cannabis industry will soon be facing much higher barriers to entry, and those looking to get in now are up against a ticking clock. Why? California is sunsetting its Provisional cannabis license program in an effort to transition all licensees to Annual

Why can sports gambling sites, beer and alcohol brands and crypto companies advertise during the Super Bowl when cannabis companies cannot?  Greenberg Glusker’s Steve Stein, Alexa Steinberg and Priya Sopori, in this edition of “The Grass is Always Greenberg,” look at one cannabis company’s attempt to generate a discussion about these issues by trying to