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Florida auto accident victims normally go to a chiropractor as the first stop in treatment for an auto accident. This is because most primary care doctors such as MD’s do not treat auto accident injuries. Further if you go to the hospital after a car accident, they normally will take an x-ray, and if you

Nearly three months after it sparked a heated debate in both chambers, Gov. Ron DeSantis has vetoed an alimony reform measure citing its retroactivity.
SB 1796 would have abolished permanent alimony, given ex-spouses who pay alimony a “pathway to retirement,” and created a legal presumption that 50-50 timesharing was in the best interest of a

In Florida the charge of DUI has some simple elements that the state must prove for you to be found guilty. First that you consumed alcohol or controlled substances. Second that you were operating a motor vehicle on the roads of the State of Florida. Third that your normal faculties are impaired.
If you have

All Florida drivers should get behind House Bill 719 entitled ” Motor Vehicle Insurance”.  This new legislation will provide for the first time require drivers to carry liability insurance in Florida. Until now and since 1971 the only insurance that Florida drivers had to carry was no fault, which does not provide benefits for victims

HB 1135, which revises the state’s specialty license-plate program. That includes expanding the potential number of designs from the current 123 to 150 and requiring a minimum of 1,000 sales before new specialty plates can move forward and existing plates can remain in circulation. The bill also creates plates for the University of Alabama, the

Scott and Fenderson offers covid-19 safe  attorney representation for any and all clients concerned about contracting the corona virus. We offer consultations by phone, email, text, and zoom video conferencing. We also offer docusign documents that can be sent directly to our clients, signed electronically and returned all from the safety of your home. For

Some television commercials advise you to call a lawyer, or some type of lawyer referral service directly from the scene of a car accident. Their reason for giving this advice, is probably that they want to get their lawyer on your injury case before some one else does.

Starting on Jan. 1, 2020 there will be some changes Florida Laws
1. CELL PHONES – School zones, and active work areas are hands free zones. You won’t even be able to hold a cell phone.
Also, texting and driving is now a primary offense. The penalty for first-time texting violators is a $30 fine