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Construction industry has seen some of the largest and complicated arbitrations, wrangling pleadings, often involving rigorously interplay of technical and legal interpretations. Construction arbitration does not merely revolve around contracts but also demands technological aptitudes and practical understanding of the industry.

Construction businesses embroiled in disputes prefer using arbitration mechanics rather than going for

COVID-19 pandemic has battered all sectors of the economy, but the micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) are amongst the one worst-hit.

This post is therefore devoted to those small businesses to fight back and claim their rights. We will discuss here some of the relevant provisions of MSMED Act, 2006 which may come helpful

While we are surrounded by the gloom of Covid-19, with blue skies and chirping birds not bringing the usual cheer, the time at hand allows us to introspect on what we are doing and how we will continue doing it going forward.

A few days back we conducted our maiden arbitration hearings for one of

With education and exposure, we have all become polished hypocrites. We easily get attracted to some ones manipulated and exaggerated post and scripts. Draw inferences but do not realize what we see on social media is all illusion.
Strongholds are real. But social media is not the place where we can find them. It may