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As of July 1, 2023, Florida’s recently enacted legislation, SB264, restricts certain foreigners from buying or owning  Florida real estate. Specifically, the new law, codified in Florida Statutes 692.202-204,  provides land ownership restriction, prohibiting “foreign principals” from owning or acquiring agricultural land or real property within ten miles of any military installation or critical

Many homeowners may have taken second mortgages, including home equity lines of credit, on their homes years ago, and thought that the underlying mortgage debt for such loans was forgiven. Other homeowners may have inherited a home without knowing that there was a second mortgage in place or bought such a home at a foreclosure

The Live Local Act is Florida’s response to the housing crisis affordable legislation, designed to provide developers with substantial tax breaks and hundreds of millions of dollars in funding. On March 29th, the Governor signed this Act into law which is to take effect on July 1.
What does the Live Local Act do?

Commercial workspaces are evolving as more people split their time between home and office. As a result, there are innovative ideas as to how the future of commercial real estate will evolve in terms of rethinking office designs in order to not only accommodate a growing hybrid work force but also encourage workers to spend