London, UK – September 28, 2023 – Shufti Pro, a leading IDV service provider, has partnered up with Aconomy, a truly decentralised real-world asset-backed DEX, revolutionising asset trading on-chain by dematerialising pre-owned real-world assets as asset-backed NFTs. This partnership brings Shufti Pro’s state-of-the-art IDV services into Aconomy’s platform to comply with KYC and

London, UK – September 27, 2023 – Shufti Pro, an award-winning identity verification service provider, proudly launched e-IDV (Electronic Identity Verification) to stay ahead of the evolving tactics of online scammers.  Users will no longer be required to scan the ID document, instead, the platform will use government databases for cross-checking. This strategy will eradicate

The US crypto firms visited Capitol Hill to push their industry-friendly regulations however, this may face pushback due to the federal budget and Senate crackdown on money laundering through crypto. 
Crypto companies in the US are working hard to issue advanced industry-friendly laws to benefit users and crypto exchange platform owners. The cryptocurrency industry visited

The UK regulatory department, Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), has warned cryptocurrency platforms to comply with their new laws and follow registration requirements. 
The FCA warned all digital assets businesses that are not upholding their new measures for registration; they claimed that many crypto firms still need to provide Complete information for business verification

Nine crypto exchange platforms formed a group to create an industry association to regulate Taiwan’s crypto sector and together safeguard the integrity of the virtual assets industry. 
Taiwan’s cryptocurrency sector has initiated the foundation of an industry that will be associated with the regulatory authorities and is expected to release its guidelines this week. According

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London, UK – September 27, 2023 – Shufti Pro, one of the world’s leading identity verification service providers, has reached new milestones, including 1,000+ clients onboarding, expanded operations to 240+ countries, recognised by multiple publications, and enhanced AI model. The company proudly announces the golden performance indicators overview to

Hong Kong Authorities claimed they received over 23,000 complaints against the Dubai-registered cryptocurrency exchange platform, JPEX, and confirmed its involvement in $178M fraud. 
Hong Kong’s Security and Futures Commission (SFC) investigated JPEX and revealed that they are illegally operating, without a licence, and involved in fraud. Mainly, they received more than 23,000 complaints