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DeucesBy Andy DelaneySCOTUS issued a whopper yesterday and we’ll leave it at that. SCOV’s offering from yesterday is far more mundane. As we all know, jurisdiction matters. No jurisdiction? No case. Here, defendant was tried and convicted. He sent a pro se motion for a new trial to his mom to file but for whatever

Bonk!By Andy DelaneyThree opinions issued this Friday the 13th. First up is a likely future bar exam question dealing with real estate. Back in the ‘50s, some folks deeded property to the Town of Albany for the purpose of “4-H recreational and forestry purposes.” There was a clause in the deed that said, arguably,

Think the opposite in opinion twoBy Andy DelaneyI’ve actually got the ‘rona right now, so I have a good excuse for skipping last week’s update. SCOV issued two opinions yesterday, May 6, 2022. The first is about the terms of a proffer agreement. Now, I must say—even though I used to do criminal defense, I’ve never

There’s a bad Spanish lawyer joke here–not quite a pun but closeBy Andy Delaney Hmm. I thought I was going to write about one opinion today, but there are two, so I’ll halve my effort. This means two mediocre summaries for the price of one. There was a criminal entry order—presumably issued the Friday before

Now here’s a homonymBy Andy DelaneyOne case on April 8th. It involves comity, which I’m not embarrassed to admit, I had to look up. In this context, comity means respecting the authority of or deferring to other courts—even family courts in Massachusetts—to issue orders and dispose of assets located in Vermont. Let’s back up.

A different kind of “bale”By Andy Delaney One off-schedule published entry order a week seems to be the late-March theme at SCOV. This case is also an appeal from a hold-without-bail order—or as I understand they call it in the biz, a “HWOB.” This particular HWOB results from an incident where defendant went to complainant’s

“And that’s why we NEVER talk tothe police without counsel present.”By Andy DelaneyOne entry order squeezed in on March 21. It’s a bail appeal. Defendant is charged with sexual assault. He was originally released under a 24-hour curfew to live with his mom. She moved and he got a modification to allow him to

I don’t know what’sup with this dog . . .but it makes me laughBy Andy DelaneyTwo decisions on March 18 from SCOV. First up is a constitutional challenge to school-funding tax collection and allocation. A student, a taxpayer, and the Town of Whitingham walk into a bar . . . I mean, filed suit

Chalk it up to laziness. Oh? Were you looking for highbrow sophisticated humor here? You might be in the wrong place. By Andy Delaney There were no decisions yesterday, March 11. There were two decisions the week of March 4, 2022. Why didn’t I post last week? Good question. I thought about it but I didn’t. That