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Driven by market demand for efficiency and cost savings, the largely traditional legal industry is increasingly adopting legal technology to improve processes. Implementing a law practice management software (LPM) can help law firms minimize administrative tasks and spend more time practicing law and meeting client demand. 

There are many moving parts to adopting

Law firms use trust accounts to hold client funds and keep them separate from the law firm’s funds. Firms must keep a detailed record of money going in and out of their trust accounts, track every client’s balance in the trust account, and ensure one client’s funds aren’t used to pay another client’s expenses. 


In a digital-first world, law firms are realizing the many benefits of using law practice management software. The ABA has even created guidelines and recommends the use of such legal technology to support how law firms practice.

There are several law practice management platforms available to law firms, but there are key features firms should

For estate planning attorneys, the client’s legacy is their primary responsibility. To be successful, lawyers need to be well organized and must track multiple documents and files.

Whether it’s a will, living will, or power of attorney — wills and estate planning attorneys can benefit from using a streamlined estate planning software solution.


As an attorney, you know that there are tons of data points that come with each of your clients — whether it pertains to contact information, employment details, and even referral source. It’s easy to become overwhelmed by it all. However, effectively managing your client’s key information is essential to client satisfaction, building a strong

While the middle of a calendar year brings summer, children out of school, family vacations, and often slower court schedules, it also provides a halfway point for law firms to review and reflect. By now, your law firm’s marketing strategy should have two fiscal quarters’ worth of data with which to evaluate how its marketing

Lawyers at solo law firms often wear many hats to manage their practice. They’re responsible for business operations, marketing, billing, and more, leaving little time to practice law. Clients require predictability in their billing, and lawyers have to generate cost-effective business to keep their firms afloat. Efficient processes can build loyal relationships with clients which