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I had plans for a proper blog post. But I just can’t. It’s too hot. And I’m tired. Tired of waiting for things that are ultimately a disappointment. Like the cool air conditioned train I shall be eagerly waiting to catch on Tuesday morning, but which I know, with a sinking feeling, will be sweltering

I have been writing and talking about the need for a prohibition on cross examination in the family court since at least 2016 (see here and here). 2016 was the year that the Prison and Courts Bill contained almost identical provisions to those eventually passed in 2021. For various reasons it took several Bills

This blog post is a logic experiment. It’s not about individual cases. It’s just an attempt to work through some possible consequences of our shifts in practice over the last few years in cases involving domestic abuse, and what that might – must? – mean when you work it back and think about what we

A lot has been written of late about the privacy (or otherwise) of family money cases, and all of it by men with big brains and a lot of words. As someone who hasn’t conducted a money case for some years (not great with numbers, me), I would not dare to offer any view on

Fresh back from a CPD weekend and I’m full of ideas for blog posts, albeit slightly tired and emotional (there may have been some socialising too – the children keep correcting me when I say I’ve been away for work: ‘No mum, you’ve been to a party!’).
Anyway, high hopes of knocking out a blog

It’s not uncommon to see litigants complaining on social media about lawyers lying on behalf of their clients. It’s almost as common to see lawyers getting a bit twisty about those complaints, and feeling affronted at the suggestion.
This is because honesty is fundamental to the legal profession and any suggestion that a lawyer has