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In Werner v. WCAB (Greenleaf Service Corporation) the decedent had a home office. The claimant surviving spouse found the decedent unresponsive in his home office desk chair. The decedent suffered a massive intracranial hemorrage. The evidence indicated the decedent fell on his outside steps, then went in an upstairs bathroom before going down to his

In Sauer v. Workers’ Compensation Appeal Board (Verizon Pennsylvania, inc.) the Claimant returned to light duty on August 16 and a notification of suspension was issued. On August 17, the Claimant and his union representative were shown surveillance of the Claimant doing various work during his period of disability. The Claimant had reported no earnings

A company experimenting in adult stem cell treatment of degenerative disc disease has announced a successful phase 2 clinical trial. The procedure injects mesenchymal precursor cells into damaged intervertebral discs. The company reported that in the clinical trial the subject disc demonstrated reversal of the degenerative process, regrowth of disc cartilage, and sustained normalization

In Fitzgibbons v. WCAB(City of Philadelphia) the Claimant had a May 4, 1997 injury described on a notice of compensation payable as epicondylitis of the left elbow. Benefits were suspended upon her July 13, 1998 return to work without loss of earnings. On August 26, 2002 she filed a review and reinstatement petition seeking to