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The Law Office of Kevin P. Sheerin is Proud to Announce…

January 17th, seven of our clients were appointed NYPD Police Officers, and, on January 31st, another client was appointed!

If you receive a disqualification, feel free to call us at 516-248-0040 to discuss your chances. Many of our clients are having their disqualifications reversed.

The NYPD Candidate Medical Assessment consists of a Vision Exam, Blood Pressure Test, Electrocardiogram (a/k/a an “EKG”) and the Physical Exam.

As a Candidate, your vision must be 20/30 or better (corrected), and at least 20/100 or better (uncorrected), with each eye tested separately. If you wear corrective lenses, you must bring your glasses or

The first step a Candidate must take to become a NYPD Police Officer is to pass the written exam, which is administered by the NYC Department for Citywide Administration Services (DCAS). There are a total of 55 questions that must be completed on the exam. Candidates have two hours to complete the exam, and are

What is the Job Standard Test (also known as JST)?

The JST is a Physical Assessment used by the NYPD in which Candidates must finish a continuous physical test in 4 minutes and 28 seconds to pass. It includes sprinting 50 feet, getting over a barrier, climbing stairs, demonstrating the ability to physically restrain someone, running

A Candidate will not be disqualified by the NYPD simply because they have attended therapy/counseling. They will however, want to investigate the facts surrounding the therapy/counseling to better understand the circumstances which led the Candidate to seek therapy/counseling in the first place. They will also want to know how the therapy/counseling went , what the

The NYPD written testing is a full day of paperwork, administered in a group setting. Candidates should be prepared to complete autobiographical questionnaires, symptom inventories, and two lengthy objective personality inventory measures.

The oral interview is a one-on-one evaluation with a Psychologist who will ask you questions about your educational, employment, psychological, medical and legal