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On May 12, 2021, the Second Circuit court of appeals in the case of Quinones v. City of Binghamton, 20-3078 reversed the dismissal of a discrimination case brought by police lieutenant Alan Quinones against the City of Binghamton, the City’s Mayor and two police department officials. In so doing, the appellate court made clear

On December 31, 2020 the Healthy Terminals Act was signed into law by Governor Mario Cuomo requiring employees working at airports and with contractors providing airport food services to receive fringe benefits or cash supplements. The bill was co-sponsored by State Senator Alessandra Biaggi, D-Bronx and supported by Service Employees International Union Local 32

The coronavirus pandemic has raised many issues for employers and older employees.  Many employees, over the age of 40, are faced with questions and concerns about the potentially discriminatory decisions being made by their employers regarding layoffs, terminations and returning to the workplace.
A significant increase in age discrimination lawsuits is expected due to the

In a June 18, 2020 unanimous decision in the case of Hosking v. Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Ctr, 2020 NY Slip Op 03484, written by Justice Acosta, the Appellate Division, First Department, reversed a decision issued by Bronx County Judge Lizbeth Gonzålez which granted defendant’s motion for summary judgment dismissing the complaint of Jeanette Martinez. 

As non-essential businesses reopen, employers are grappling with issues of when and how to safely return employees to the workplace.  The use of antibody testing of employees has been posited as a potential screening tool to assist employers in their decision making, by identifying those employees who had COVID-19 and thus may have developed some

During the pandemic, the Human Resources Administration (HRA), which administers Medicaid in New York City has responded with flexibility regarding the application and renewal process to ensure Medicaid applicants or recipients are able to access the care they need. Previously, HRA issued a General Information System message to announce changes to Medicaid eligibility and enrollment

As the COVID-19 pandemic evolves, lawmakers and regulators in Washington have turned their attention to addressing the inevitable retaliation against employees who report misuse of the federal government’s pandemic relief funds and questions about the reopening process for workplaces.
On June 15, 2020, Senator Kamala Harris and Representatives Jackie Speier and Jamie