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How to obtain Spanish citizenship through “Grandchildren Law” 2022?

Spain’s Grandchildren Law of or Law of Democratic Memory has finally been approved after a long time. This allows descendants of Spaniards to obtain Spanish citizenship directly, without having to reside in Spain for any minimum period of time! 

In this post, we’ll you everything you

The reference value of a property

What is the reference value of a property?

Law 11/2021, on measures for the prevention and fight against fraud, introduces a new concept that modifies the taxable base of two very important taxes in Spain. We are talking about the Transfer Tax and Stamp Duty as well as the

Find out about the matrimonial property regimes in Spain and how they can impact the Golden Visa Real Estate

Did you know that the matrimonial property regimes in your country can affect when investing in Spain? Do you know what matrimonial property regime you have? Do you know the effects it has when you buy