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Part 1 of 3: Intelligent Translation Services Consulting

If, like many of our clients, you’re leading a high-profile international legal case, these 3 challenges probably keep you up at night. They are Information Uncertainty, Timeline Uncertainty, and Budget Uncertainty.
Information Uncertainty is when a mountain emerges of foreign language documents that are central to your

Your Foreign Language Translation Library Is A Hidden Asset

If you’re responsible for the growth of your association membership and/or the improvement of member services, a significant opportunity may be available for you. You can monetize one of your most important assets — your industry-specific terminology and knowledge — by building a foreign language translation

Your Patent Deserves Equal Clarity in Global Markets

2016 was a record-breaking year in technology and invention according to the World Intellectual Property Organization. With more than 233,000 patents issued, that is a lot of innovation.

If you’re an intellectual property owner, you want to protect your patents and content while also enabling other potential

How Linguistics Cracked The Ransomware Code

Cyberattacks, bugs, viruses, cybertheft, malware or ransomware … a breach of data security under any name is formidable. But, leveraging linguistic analysis is proving to be a valuable tool in cracking a hacker’s code.

As technology advances, the sophistication and intricacies of cyberterrorism add new complexity to data and

When Your Documents May Need Extra Validation 

On occasion, you may be asked to provide written proof of the authenticity and quality of a translation. In these cases, you have the option to present either a certified copy, or a notarized certification.

As the client, you determine which one to use. Are you confident that