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The window has now closed for employers to catch-up on physically inspecting work authorization documentation for individuals who were hired during the pandemic.  At the same time, regulations from the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) that took effect August 1, 2023 open a new window for employers to continue with video inspection of work authorization

“It’s bullying,” “I’m being harassed,” or “this is creating a hostile work environment.” As a workplace investigator these are phrases that I hear on a daily basis from complainants and their colleagues, and even sometimes from the respondents accused of harassing behavior. “Harassment” and “hostile work environment” are actually legal terms, by which I mean

Too many camp directors seem to be unaware of their obligations as employers and particularly the restrictions that employment laws place on employer inquiries. Even minors, when they are on payroll and providing services for the camp, must be accorded the full panoply of employment protections. This means that camp directors must familiarize themselves with

Employers need to consider employees’ requests for religious accommodations from a much more supportive perspective as a result of a recent decision from the U.S. Supreme Court.  In Groff v. DeJoy (June 29, 2023) the Court held that that an employer denying an employee’s request for a religious accommodation must demonstrate that the requested accommodation

Five years after New York City began requiring employers to provide accommodations for employees expressing breast milk at work and adopt lactation accommodation policies with very specific provisions, New York State has added its own law on the subject.  The state law, which took effect June 7, 2023, imposes a new layer of requirements that

EEOC Chairwoman Charlotte A. Burrows shared an atypically short statement yesterday, essentially asserting that there should be no change at this time for employers in regard to their diversity, equity and inclusion (“DEI”) initiatives as a result of the Supreme Court’s decision with regard to considering race as a factor in admissions decisions. Although Chairwoman

New Jersey employers planning their headcount allocation and staff augmentation for the late summer and fall should be mindful of the significant new employment law protections that temporary workers in the state will have.  The New Jersey Temporary Workers’ Bill of Rights, the first of its kind in the country, applies to individuals who are