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After two years of riding high on a post-pandemic wave of stunning financial growth, some in the legal industry are now bracing for a recession. And while a recession might be a worrying prospect, it also presents some great opportunities for law firms and their business. 

Making good decisions ahead of time and taking actions

Law firm pricing is one of the most important aspects of running a legal practice, and is one of the most  important factors to potential clients. So why don’t lawyers address this in their marketing?

Pricing not only affects how your clients view the value they receive from your services, but it also affects whether

Choosing which legal software systems to use in your law practice is a big decision. New innovations in legal tech have become the great equalizer for many law firms, helping them output that’s competitive with other, larger law firms. To make sure that you’re investing in technology that drives your law firm forward, start by

If you want to make more money in legal, we’ve got a podcast for you! Counsel Cast is a show dedicated to excellence and law firm profitability. Hosted by marketing guru Karin Conroy, this podcast breaks down key strategies to earn new clients and provide top notch customer service.

Each episode features notable guest

Lead generation can be one of the most challenging obstacles for both law firms and lawyers. Lead generation involves the process of attracting potential clients or customers to your business, with the goal of then converting these leads into actual legal clients. However, the lawyer lead generation space is highly competitive, so developing high-quality lead

Top Tips for Lawyer Referral Marketing

Attracting new clients is an essential component for any law firm or business. And the easiest – most cost effective – way of attracting new clients is through referral marketing. Lawyers and law firms rely on referrals for new business, but getting referrals isn’t always easy. Creating a strong