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The main piece of legislation controlling drug offences in India is the Narcotic Drugs and
Psychotropic Substances Act (NDPS Act) of 1985. It controls how narcotics and
psychoactive chemicals are made, manufactured, grown, possessed, sold, bought,
transported, and consumed. Based on their potential for abuse and accepted medicinal
uses, medicines are categorised under the NDPS

This research paper aims to examine the relationship between human rights and technological
development. As technological advancements continue to shape various aspects of human life, it
is crucial to analyze their impact on human rights, both positive and negative. The paper
investigates the potential benefits that technological progress can offer in promoting and
protecting human

Over the past few decades, the Nudge theory has received wider attention from both
policymakers and researchers. Nudging is one of the strategies from behavioural economics
that aims to influence the behaviour of an individual by changing the environment. Behavioural
economics is the study of psychology as it relates to the economic decision-making process of

Recently, a terrible incident was reported in South Delhi on Friday 28th of July when the dead body of a 25-year-old Nargis was found in a park with an iron rod around it. The incident was affecting and gained public attention.  Indian media also exclaimed that they were informed by an official of Delhi police

On the terrible day of July 30, 2023, tragedy overtook the town of Khar in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa’s Bajaur province when a workers’ convention organised by the Jamiat Ulema Islam-Fazl took an unbelievable turn. The gathering was disrupted by a horrific act of violence at approximately 4 p.m. when a suicide bomber with evil motives walked

On Monday, the Supreme Court rejected a petition that former Indian cricket team captain Kapil Dev and two other campaigners had brought challenging several of the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act’s provisions. These particular clauses permitted the annihilation or destruction of any animal in accordance with any legislation, as well as the killing of