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Internet defamation describes online statements that injure another party’s reputation. However, it can take several forms depending on the intentions of the attacker and how the statements are used against the victim. It normally falls under one of three types: cyberbullying, cyber stalking or cyber harassment.  Here is the difference between the three.

Have you ever heard of a non-disparagement clause?
For most people, the answer is “no”. However, big banks insert these clauses into settlement agreements frequently. Consumers, unaware of what the clause actually means, unnecessarily sign away First Amendment rights to freedom of speech. In other words, signing a settlement agreement that contains a non-disparagement clause

In December 2013, the Federal Aviation Administration selected public entities in six states, including Hawaii, to test drones. Under the direction of the University of Alaska at Fairbanks, facilities in Hawaii partnered with others to conduct drone tests for potential military, commercial and noncommercial applications.
It was not long until a staff member at Paul

It is the general practice of this firm to avoid commenting on active litigation. However, when it comes to the Hester v. Horowitz and the Internet defamation drama involving Leonard Horowitz and Sherri Kane, it is important to see how the latest ruling further diminishes the credibility of the “Horokane”.
The latest orders include the

The Big Island is currently in the midst of a very slow-moving but potentially devastating social and economic tragedy. Lava reached Pahoa and is oozing over recently occupied property and disrupting the lives of many.
Many lower Puna residents wonder: What are my legal rights? Considering general property rights, renter’s rights, and property values, there