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We’re excited to announce that our  communication skills books for attorneys are now available as audiobooks! The Articulate Advocate: Persuasive Skills for Lawyers in Trials, Appeals, Arbitrations, and Motions and The Articulate Attorney: Public Speaking for Lawyers are now available through most major audiobook vendors.
Listen to samples of each title below!

The Articulate Advocate:Persuasive

by Brian K. Johnson
I recently observed a participant in one of our speaking skills programs, a guy well over six feet, who spent way too much time leaning on the lectern and touching the floor with one toe as he did so. All three “beginnings” I witnessed him present included a false start where

by Brian K. Johnson
I had an excellent follow-up question from a participant in a recent program. I thought it would be worth sharing my response here.
His question was: “Regarding the ‘structured improvisation’ method – what do you do if you say something you shouldn’t (a gaff), but it is too late to take