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As the fight for talent rages on, law firms are looking for new and different ways to attract and retain employees. In this highly competitive marketplace, the name of the game is differentiation. The best way to articulate why you are different from the firm down the street is through your employer brand. Many law

Writing is a task that all lawyers and marketers can do, but only a few can do well. It can be a time-consuming challenge to develop content that layers facts with firm messaging in a branded voice that also contains a unique point of view customized for a particular audience. In fact, law firms often

A few years ago, I said goodbye to my bundled cable service and opted to go with the streaming provider Hulu. For a while, I was in a state of unencumbered bliss. No longer did I have to pay a king’s ransom for a hundred channels I will never watch. Gone were the days of

A good song has the power to help us escape to another place and time, even if just for a few minutes. Throw on any Beach Boys song and I’m back in the family car with my parents and sister, heading to Florida. Nelly’s debut album “Country Grammar” reminds me of late nights in college,

Showing prospects that you are knowledgeable of the law is one of the most effective marketing and business development tactics a lawyer has at their disposal. There are multiple platforms attorneys can use to showcase their thought leadership, one of which is bylined articles.
Bylined articles are writing opportunities that established publications give to outside

You have probably heard countless stories about how the pandemic has forever changed the legal sector. From remote and hybrid working environments to desperately needed technology and security upgrades, things are undoubtedly different. One of the shifts with the most impact in the marketplace involves the way client expectations have drastically changed.
Client expectations have

My family and I live in a 19-year-old house, and it’s time to replace our two aging heating and air conditioning systems. Because I am a planner, I researched HVAC companies last summer and got quotes from three. They all had excellent reviews and top-notch customer service, and they were all fully qualified for the

A law firm is a business. A business is built on a brand that appeals to your market sector. Having a short name makes it easier to build brand recognition. Look at companies like Dunkin’ Donuts (now Dunkin’), Huffington Post (now HuffPost), Kentucky Fried Chicken (now KFC) and — while this was awhile back —