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COVID-19 pandemic impacted each of us in one way or another, as well as many areas from healthcare systems to the global economy, but it especially resulted in a massive spike in unemployment. H-1B workers have not been immune from this fallout. Meaning that for many foreign workers flying back to the home country following

US employers seeking to hire nonimmigrant aliens as employees in specialty occupations often use H1B visas. A specialty occupation is a type of occupation that requires the application of a body of highly specialized knowledge. It requires that an employee possess at least a US bachelor’s degree or its equivalent in such specialty. Having a

The United States Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS) has always focused on employers that place individuals at third-party client worksites. However, in a couple of memos, the USCIS has clarified its stand on the valid employer-employee relationship and the need for an H1B petition amendment where necessary. For example, an amendment is required if there

Permanent Labor Certification is a necessity for most employment-based visa programs in the United States. Obtaining permanent labor certification differs in terms of requirements based on the program. The employer is responsible for filing applications. However, the employee will profit from knowing the program that is being used on his or her behalf. In general,

A green card permits immigrants to achieve permanent residency in the United States via family or job sponsorship. The process of international migration is arduous enough, let alone the fact that the green card application procedure differs by path and processing durations vary depending on your scenario. employment-based green cards are generally widely used by

The initial step for anyone seeking a green card through work is often having their employer acquire a PERM Foreign Labor Certification on their behalf. PERM prevailing wage determination is one of the crucial parts of this process. Now, what exactly is the prevailing wage, and how is it calculated? All these queries are covered