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Civil Beat published an article today, discussing a piece of legislation that has made its way to the Governor’s desk and is awaiting signature.  The bill does two things.  First, it imposes a 75 day time limit for public agencies to respond to bid protests.  Second, it eliminates any cap on the cost of

The AGC has been presenting an excellent webinar series for members, covering everything from new legislation designed to protect employees, to insurance coverage questions arising out of the coronavirus pandemic, to how to physically protect your employees who are attempting to work while practicing “social distancing.”  If you are an AGC member, you should sign

In U.S. Pipelining v. Johnson Controls, which can be found online here, the court found that a an unlicensed subcontractor was allowed to bring a civil action for nonpayment against a licensed general contractor.  Hawaii’s contractor licensing laws contain a strict prohibition against offering and performing work without a valid license.  Section 444-22 imposes

The 2016 election is over, and the country has a new President-elect.   Without getting into the chasms separating the former presidential candidates in terms of policy (and everything else), one thing both of them seem to agree upon is the need for major investments in infrastructure. For a construction lawyer, this sparks some interest.