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Plaintiffs’ lawyers are often bold, brash, larger-than-life characters with billboards, regular TV ads, and ambition to match.
But they’re also visionary creatives. They excel at building something from nothing and carving out a new and unique path for legal professionals – often where no path existed before. But that creativity needs to be leavened with

Financing legal fees is not new. Bar associations have been grappling with the rules around   lawyers accepting a simple financing tool – credit cards – since the 1970’s. Given that cards haven’t been around for that long – and that some states are still grappling with how lawyers can use them* – what happens most often

Collection rates for law firms on average hover around 80%. Said another way, a firm with $1M in annual billings on average leaves $200K on the table each year. That’s $200K of work that has already been completed and billed!