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Did you know that foreign students can work anywhere in Spain with their authorization of stay for studies up to 30 hours per week? Here I explain the options available to you: Residency permit for internships This authorization is granted to foreign students in higher education (minimum level six) or those who have completed their

The Extension of stay for studies is the renewal of the initial permit that allows the holder of this authorization to carry out a training activity, a university degree, an exchange for studies, research projects or to provide a volunteer service. It can be done personally or through a legal representative. The application for the

Designed to attract qualified talent to Europe, the Blue Card is a temporary residence and work authorization similar to the permit granted to highly qualified workers. The difference is that in order to obtain the Blue Card, the job for which the applicant is applying must be on the job shortage list; or there are

Congress has approved the draft Law for the Promotion of the Startup Ecosystem, also known as the Startup Law, which is expected to enter into force on January 1, 2023. The norm, which incorporates more than 80 amendments, defines what a startup is, includes administrative and bureaucratic simplifications, encourages startups and grants tax benefits to

MBA graduates must have certain qualities that lead to climbing to management and leadership positions within the company. Here I explain the skills you must have to solve problems effectively and make the right decisions that favor your personal growth and that of the company. Adaptation and organization What do companies look for in an

The UK Home Office suspends the police registration scheme for foreign nationals with some specific visa categories. Under UK immigration rules, some foreign nationals with non-settled status were required to complete an online form at the police registry. However, this is no longer a requirement because during the visa application process foreign nationals provide the

The Residence for researchers can be applied for by foreigners interested in carrying out research at a university or company in Spain that has an offer for the applicant. This permit is directly linked to the institution or entity where you study or carry out your research. In other words, the application must be submitted

Morocco has an electronic visa that can be obtained from 24 to 72 hours. The maximum validity of this permit is 180 days, from the date of issue, for a maximum stay of 30 days. “Applications submitted online by the nationals concerned, through, and relating to “Tourist” or “Business” visas, will be processed within 24