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The legal drinking age in Canada varies by province. The legal drinking age is 18 in Alberta, Manitoba, and Quebec and 19 in the rest of the country (British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Ontario, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland and Labrador).

The History of the Legal Drinking Age in Canada


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In the business world, “restructuring” is a term that often circulates in the corridors of large, publicly listed companies experiencing downward share prices. While it carries a technical veneer, at its heart, restructuring is a polite term for mass terminations. So, what drives companies to adopt this course of action, and what does

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In Brief: All About The Minimum Wage

Minimum wage is the lowest pay rate that employers are allowed to offer employees in Ontario. The minimum wage is a floor and no employer can go below it.

The minimum wage applies to most Ontario workers (but not all workers), including workers working

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Sometimes A Good Quote Is All You Need

Everyone has moments when the going gets tough, especially in the realm of small business. I have had these seem feeling run my small law practice and my HR tech startup. If you’re an entrepreneur feeling bogged down by challenges or demotivated by a

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Introduction: All About Employee Retention

Employee retention, defined as an organization’s ability to retain its employees over a specified period, has become a focal point in organizational studies. The significance of understanding and enhancing retention stems from the considerable costs associated with employee turnover, including recruitment expenses, lost expertise, and potential impacts

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Hiring the right employee is more than just finding someone with the perfect resume; it’s about finding a candidate who resonates with your company’s culture. A candidate who fits well within your team will contribute effectively and elevate the entire workplace environment. But how do you assess this elusive “culture fit”

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In Canada, by far the largest employer, by number of employees, is the government one way or the other.

Indeed, the federal government is the largest single employer in Canada. As of 2023, the federal public service of Canada employs 357,247 individuals (source).

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Federal holidays are holidays enacted by the Government of Canada (i.e. the federal government) that apply across the entire country but for federally regulated employers ONLY. 

It is a misconception that federal holidays apply to most people.

Most people in Canada work for a provincially regulated employer.

Only the following industries