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While it’s hard to believe that more than a month has passed since the 2019 Power & Renewables Summit in Austin, Texas, the Duane Morris Green IP Blog wanted to make sure to share some of the key intellectual property takeaways from that conference. The conference organizers put together a rigorous and thought-provoking agenda that

A solar tracking patent owned by Array Technologies survived a challenged brought by ArcelorMittal before the Patent Trial and Appeal Board. Array Technologies had previously brought infringement claims against a solar tracking company called Exosun. ArcelorMittal later bought assets from Exosun, which may have prompted ArcelorMittal’s challenge to the Array Technologies patent. A solar tracking

SunTrac Solar Manufacturing LLC has challenged at patent owned by DZSolar Ltd. that is directed to a solar-assisted temperature control system. SunTrac alleges that the invention claimed by DZSolar was disclosed in another patent application at least 16 years before DZSolar filed its patent application. If SunTrac is successful in the challenge, the DZSolar patent

GE and Vestas announced yesterday that they have reached a settlement in their long-running patent battle over “Zero Voltage Ride Through” or “ZVRT” technology. The parties are taking actions to dismiss all aspects of the dispute, including a patent infringement lawsuit being heard in federal court and multiple patent validity challenges at the Patent Trial and

At a panel discussion hosted by Politico and the American Wind Energy Association on May 15, 2019, thought leaders in the energy industry called for innovative solutions to some of the challenges facing America’s energy infrastructure. The panel, entitled “Reinventing American Energy: Modernizing U.S. Power Infrastructure for a Clean Energy Future,” featured U.S. Senator Martin

The patent infringement lawsuit being heard in federal court in Delaware between General Electric and Vestas Wind Systems A/S appears likely to remain on hold through late 2019 or early 2020. GE and Vestas remain locked in a long-running patent battle over “Zero Voltage Ride Through” or “ZVRT” technology. Each party has brought challenges against

The Federal Circuit upheld an earlier decision by a federal court in Maryland that found four ChargePoint patents to be invalid for claiming inventions that are not eligible for patent protection. The Federal Circuit decision is a victory for electric vehicle charging station manufacturer SemaConnect, who was sued for allegedly infringing the four ChargePoint patents

Solar installation rivals PermaCity and Orion Solar Racking are headed to federal court in California for a dispute over PermaCity’s patented roof mounting technology and an alleged breach of a non-disclosure agreement. PermaCity Corporation, a solar installation company based on Los Angeles, has sued rival Orion Solar Racking Inc. in federal court in California for