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So now you have your brand, your sense of what you deliver and who you want to serve, and the central message you want to deliver each time you reach out with relevant, useful content.
Use the platform you created to review and revise your website so that your core message

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I hope you’re intrigued, if not yet convinced, that a central messaging platform will help you to advance your message and your business.  And I hope you see that while it will take some work at the beginning, once you have your platform in place it will make your marketing and

Does your law firm message have a brand supported by one big idea? Or two? Or several? Or…none?
Whether boutique, generalist or multi-niche, your firm has a brand. Whether you are aware of it or not, everything you write, do and say conveys a marketing message.
That message is your brand.
A Brand Prequalifies Clients

Efficiency for today’s corporate legal departments has moved from “nice to have” to “essential.” In fact, failing in this critical area will have a profound impact on the company bottom line, and perhaps life threatening to the department.

Legal departments are growing in workload, but not necessarily in resources to handle the additional work. The

Sometimes life and leadership lessons come not from elite schools or expensive seminars, but from right around the corner.
I’ve been a practicing lawyer for more than three decades, and have enjoyed some degree of success. I’ve handled multi million dollar transactions and tried cases through my state’s Supreme Court, and through the federal appeals