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In 2021, the Arizona Legislature revised the statutes that govern appeals from Registrar of Contractors (ROC) hearings, with the result that an appeal of an administrative agency’s decision can lead to a fresh trial in Superior Court, where the agency’s decision is disregarded.

The hearing process is fair, and Arizona ALJs are consistently intelligent, honest,

A new federal law requires many employers to make reasonable accommodations to meet the needs of pregnant employees.

Reasonable Accommodations.

The PWFA requires covered employers to provide to pregnant employees “reasonable accommodations,” which the

EEOC broadly describes

as “changes to the work environment or the way things are usually done at work.” Example include:

  • allowing

Despite last week’s news that the state is pausing the approval of future Phoenix-area single-family development that over-relies on groundwater, don’t expect residential construction to dry up in your lifetime.


Kent Lang


Mike Thal

On June 1, Governor Katie Hobbs released the Arizona Department of Water Resources’ (DWR) updated study of the