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Federal, state, and local governments are announcing economic aid and loan programs to assist small businesses impacted by COVID-19 (coronavirus). These include: U.S. Federal government (IRS): tax filing and payment deadlines extended to July 15, 2020: government (SBA loans): State of California: 4/2/2020: Gov. Newsom announces additional

The California Supreme Court has made an important change to employment classification law for California employers, that will make it more difficult for companies to appropriately classify workers as independent contractors. The new “ABC” standard is simpler but more strict than the prior classification scheme. In order for the company to properly classify a worker

Jonas M. Grant was recently quoted as a California corporate law subject matter expert in an article in an online journal covering Los Angeles real estate news:[The] corporation … continues to conduct business even though the state of California suspended its registration over two months ago. Operating without a valid registration is illegal under California