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By Elaine Marshall, Isabel Geisler, L. Virginia Martinez, Krystal Abbott, and Katherine Hazen
Social drivers of health (SDOH), sometimes known as the social determinants of health, are factors in the social environment that shape individual and population health, including poverty, racism, housing, education, and employment. When judges decide cases that impact these social factors, their

By Vincent Joralemon
MDMA (also known as the club drug “molly” or “ecstasy”) is a Schedule I controlled substance — the most restrictive drug class with the most severe criminal consequences linked to it. But, perhaps not for long.
A recent effort to get MDMA approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for

By Hannah Rahim
In January 2024, Pope Francis called for a universal ban on surrogacy as a threat to global peace and human dignity, claiming that the practice is a “grave violation” of the mother and child’s dignity and based on the “exploitation of situations of the mother’s material needs.” Surrogacy raises complex ethical and

By Sana S. Baban
At present, there is a population of patients who would physiologically benefit from transplantation but are rejected based on pre-determined non-medical criteria: the presence of psychotic disorders.
An upcoming opportunity for reform provides a chance to rectify this injustice.

The existing organ allocation system has historically marginalized individuals diagnosed with psychotic