Are you a people pleaser?
Do you agree to things before you’ve had a chance even to think it over?
Do you find yourself overcommitted and taking care of so much business for others that you have no time left for yourself?
Altruism is the instinct to help others and can be intrinsically rewarding. It

Maryann is stuck on a tough assignment. The partner she reports to is busy and trusts Maryann to take a run at drafting something quite complex and different from anything Maryann has handled before.
Maryann is worried. “What if I overlook something?” Maryann is stalled as she ruminates about her possible shortcomings.
Talking it over

This year, my topic for the CLEBC full-day conference was “How to Be a Good Litigation Junior”. As I prepared for my presentation, I couldn’t help but think about what I might say if I was invited to a similar conference aimed at senior lawyers: “How to be a Good Litigation Partner.”
Leadership is a

Have you ever felt anxiety and worry about some action or behaviour you took that actually did not materialize into any of your anticipated consequences?
For example, an offhand comment you thought might’ve been misconstrued sets off a flurry of negative thoughts like fear of getting fired or some physical effect like anxiety-ridden insomnia.

“Lighten up, just enjoy life, smile more, laugh more, and don’t get so worked up about things.”  Kenneth Branagh
Seeing this quote comes at a great time for me.  With everything going on in the world and the changes in my professional life, I have noticed that I have just become too damn serious!   It

Welcome, 2022. With each new year, we tend to pause and reflect on what has been accomplished in the year prior and what we envision for the new one – new goals, better routines, changes in mindset…
So, to get things started and to not overburden and overwhelm, what 2 questions would you ask yourself that

Editor’s note:  I am delighted to have AMP (Associate Mentoring Plus) coach Janiene Chand joining the writing team here at Attorney With A Life with this insightful first article about your own self-care.  Something most of us forget all the time!
How often do you take a moment for yourself to pause and reflect? We

“Lunch is for wimps.”  You might recognize this line spoken by Gordon Gekko in the movie Wall Street.  Do you feel the same?   How many days out of the year do you skip lunch or just eat at your desk while working?  Although I never skipped lunch, for many years I worked through the vast